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  1. Orders will only be confirmed after payment is received.

  2. Changing of delivery/pickup date can only be done 3 days in advance. There will be no refund once an order is confirmed.

  3. Delivery will have a time range of 1-3 hours from the time that you choose. We will do our best to match your time but the estimate arrival time can’t be accurate subject to the traffic.

  4. Due to the current epidemic situation, delivery to hospitals can only be done at the entrance downstairs to collect. There will be certain rules & regulations for condos, apartments or certain places, be assured that we will adhere to the rules and regulations of the receiver places and we will contact receiver to collect if needed.

  5. If you will like to send as a surprise delivery and will prefer us not to contact the receiver, once our driver arrive at the delivery location but no one is there to receive the order, there will be a surcharge for changing the delivery location.

  6. Message on greeting card will be copied from 'Message' box. You should include the recipient or sender's name if you want these to be written.

  7. Displayed product will differ slightly from the photos due to the unique nature of each arrangement, lighting contrast and the photos are taken in a specific way, the final product might be slightly different from the sample.

  8. Certain types and colours of the flowers are seasonal. If the selected flowers and colour combination is unavailable at the time of the order, we will replace it with one of equal value or higher.    

terms and conditions


  1. 只有在收到付款后才能确认订单。

  2. 只能提前3天更改交货/领取日期。订单确认后将不予退款。

  3. 自您选择的时间起,交货时间将为一小时。我们会尽力配合您的时间,但根据交通情况,估计到达时间是不准确的。

  4. 由于当前的特殊情况,只能在楼下入口处将其运送到医院进行收集。对于公寓,公寓或某些场所,将有某些规则和规定,请确保我们会遵守接收者场所的规则和规定,并在需要时与接收者联系以进行收集。

  5. 如果您希望以惊喜的方式发送,并且希望我们不要与收货人联系,那么一旦我们的司机到达送货地点但没有人可以接收到订单,更改送货地点将收取附加费。

  6. 贺卡上的消息将从“消息”框中复制。如果要编写收件人或发件人的姓名,则应包含这些姓名。

  7. 由于每种布置的独特性质,灯光对比度和照片是以特定方式拍摄的,因此所显示的产品与照片会略有不同,最终产品可能与样品略有不同。

  8. 花朵的某些类型和颜色是季节性的。如果订购时无法使用所选的鲜花和颜色组合,我们将用相等或更高的值替换。


  1. Prices listed are subject to change during peak periods and to accommodate the seasonal availability of some flowers.

  2. If there are any price differences, we will contact you about the new price and ask if you want to proceed or cancel the order.

  3. Product prices exclude the delivery charge.


  1. 所列价格在高峰期可能会有所变化,以适应某些鲜花的季节性供应。

  2. 如果有任何价格差异,我们将就新价格与您联系,并询问您是继续还是取消订单。

  3. 产品价格不包括运费。


  1. To avoid further confusion, the order cannot be changed or amended.  Kindly check all particulars such as delivery date, address, card message, and other details related to delivery before submitting your order.

  2. On-demand orders can be cancelled by three (3) days before the intended delivery day. A processing fee will be imposed on each cancellation made. You can cancel by contacting 01111405660

  3. Please understand that due to the perishable nature of flowers, we are unable to accept returns. Thus once the product is ready and sent out, there will be no refund or changes.

  4. Refunds and Returns will only be made if the product arrives in very poor shape or form (more than 50% of flowers are wilted or dead). You may contact us directly for any issue at 01111405660.


  1. 为避免进一步的混乱,不能更改或修改订单。在提交您的订单之前,请检查所有详细信息,例如交货日期,地址,卡信息以及其他与交货有关的详细信息。

  2. 按需订单可以在预期交货日之前三(3)天取消。每次取消均将收取手续费。您可以通过联系01111405660取消。

  3. 请理解,由于鲜花易腐,我们无法接受退货。因此,一旦产品准备好并发送出去,将不会退款或更改。

  4. 仅当产品的形状或形式非常差(超过50%的花朵枯萎或枯死)时,才会退款和退货。如果有任何问题,您可以直接与我们联系,电话为01111405660。

Delivery/Express Service

  1. All orders will be delivered according to the date selected by the customer. Please note that all online orders must be booked 3 days in advance. For urgent delivery, please contact us directly at 01111405660

  2. Delivery costs vary depending on the delivery area. Flowers will only be sent from JB area through Grab.

  3. The normal delivery time is between 12.00 PM and 7.00 PM (GMT + 8).

  4. Please make sure that the consignee number is valid on the day of delivery. If the data provided is incomplete or incorrect, we are not responsible for late delivery or non-delivery of your order.

  5. It is normal for dried flowers/preserved flowers to fall off slightly during the express process.

  6. For express delivery, we will use bubble wrap to protect the packaging, fix it inside and outside the carton and send it out to reduce collision damage during transportation.

  7. If you receive any damaged packages, you can contact us immediately and we will help you deal with them as soon as possible.

  8. *Express company JNT


  1. 所有订单将根据客户选择的日期交付。请注意,所有在线订单必须提前3天预订。如需紧急交货,请直接致电01111405660与我们联系。

  2. 送货费用因送货地区而异。鲜花只会通过Grab从JB地区发送。

  3. 正常的交付时间在12.00 PM和7.00 PM(GMT + 8)之间。

  4. 请确保收货人编号在交货当天有效。如果提供的数据不完整或不正确,我们将不对您的订单的延迟交货或未交货负责。

  5. 在快递过程中,干花/保鲜花会掉落是很正常的。

  6. 对于快递,我们将使用气泡包装纸保护包装,将其固定在纸箱内外,然后将其发送出去以减少运输过程中的碰撞损坏。

  7. 如果您收到任何损坏的包裹,可以立即与我们联系,我们将帮助您尽快处理它们。

  8. *快递公司JNT


  1. We accept payment via Touch and Go, Bank Transfer or Internet Online Banking.

  2. 我们接受通过 Touch and Go、银行转账或网上网上银行付款。

Contact us

  1. For more inquiries, welcome to Whatsapp us get more details. 

  2. 如有更多查询,欢迎来到Whatsapp,我们将提供更多详细信息。


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